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VOCATION BY THE CUSTOMEROur treatment is very close but very professional

We are a company specialized in everything that has to do with the world of fishing as well as nautical.

Our staff (in both stores) knows everything you need for quality advice when purchasing fishing and nautical equipment. When a person enters the store, our staff is not only to attend the box but to advise the client and help you find the best products, showing the quality of the same, possible alternatives, the use you can make with each product as well as the different prices.

That’s why, with the specialization of our staff, we can offer services such as the repair of fishing rods (service very demanded and very affordable that every day we ask for more customers), repair of reels, nautical repair, painting of boats, all type of services for boats such as repair, specific machines for sandblasting, treatments for osmosis, antifouling, nautical mechanics services …

In addition, we are M3 installers for the Merchant Marine for any type of electronic equipment or electrical installation.


We could not finish talking about our services without naming Sandblasting

Sandblasting, blasting or abrasive blasting is the operation of high-pressure blowing a fluid, which can be water or air, or a centrifugal force with abrasive force, against a surface to smooth it or remove polluting materials.

The first blasting process was patented by Benjamin Chew Tilghman </ i> on October 18, 1870.

is one that removes all corrosion, including that of the deepest craters without significantly wearing the material. In addition, it provides the surface with a marked finish that serves as an anchor for recoating.

Sandblasting is a very demanded service in Taller El Chopo!

THE BEST SERVICEDo not settle for less


Staff very well trained in all branches of nautical and fishing for better advice.


Our close contact makes our clients return often to our stores.

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