Always listening to fishermen, Daiwa does not stop innovating to respond to the needs and demands of passionate people. These innovations are found in our new technologies, as well as in the new ranges of products.

To accompany your favorite reels, Daiwa presents the first 12-strand braid in the world, in the Saltiga and Morethan ranges. The compact braiding technologies and the silicone treatment of the surface offer a unique product that is made with the records of sliding and sensitivity in fishing action.

To take full advantage of our new braiding, keep an eye on our blanks equipped with Daiwa AGS carbon rings: there are more than 60 rods this season!

Nowadays, Mag Sealed oil equips more than 85 reels distributed in a score of protected and fl uidifi ed ranges at the level of the main axis, the pick-up roller and even of the bearings.

To help you choose your next playmates, we have classified all the news in new categories, for example the family “baitcasting mar” or even the family “multitramo reeds”.

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