Yamaha Náutica


At Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., Branch in Spain, we recognize the importance of credibility, integrity and honesty in our conduct of business. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct in all our operations. We recognize that, although there is a principle of agreement in what represents the performance of good business, there may be differences of nuance totally valid.

Global Business Conduct has two fundamental purposes:

Help to understand the expectations of the company, studying their own conduct in business.
Encourage you to respond with any question or disagreement you may have in any specific case in any situation generated.

The discussion and understanding of the proper conduct of business is a constant requirement. All employees are auditors of their own compliance with the standards of the business conduct company.

The policy of YMESM is based on the satisfaction of our customers and society. We can only achieve this if each one of us commits to act responsibly in the business or in the orientation of the Company. What we do individually will mark the differences.

In Náutica y Pesca El Chopo you can find different Yamaha modes on La Palma.

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